Frequently Misspelled Words

*The following list of frequently misspelled words will be used in addition to the weekly vocabulary assignment.  You will be tested on the spelling only of these words each week.

List 1: absence  accidentally  accommodate  achieve  acquaintance 

List 2: against  a lot  already  argument  attendance
List 3: because  beginning  believe  business  calendar

List 4: cemetery  chief  committee  conscience  convenience

List 5: courageous  criticize  decision  definitely  desperately

List 6: dictionary  different  disease  doesn’t  embarrass

List 7: enough  environment  especially  exaggerate  excellent

List 8:  excitement  experience  familiar  fascinate  favorite

List 9: February  finally  foreign friend  government

List 10: grammar  guarantee  height  immediately  independent

List 11: instead  interrupt  judgment  leisure  library

List 12: lightning  lonely  lying  millionaire  mischievous

List 13: necessary  niece  noticeable  occasion  occurred

 List 14: opposite  particular  physical  pneumonia  possess

List 15: practically  preferred  privilege  probably  raspberry

List 16: realize  receive  recommend  remember  restaurant

List 17: rhythm  ridiculous  schedule  scissors  separate

List 18: similar  sincerely  straight  strengthen  studying

List 19: summarize  surprise  thorough  tomorrow  truly

List 20: until  vacuum  vegetable  Wednesday  weight

List 21: weird  yacht


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