Writing Assignment

My Personal Survival Guide My Personal Survival Guide

Fortune Cookie Adventure (Story) fortune-cookie-story-plan1

January 2010 “Walk In My Shoes” story

Walk in my shoes

checklist for story Walk In My Shoes checklist

End of Year Essay:  5 Paragraph Essay – character from literaturecx

Persuasive Essay:

Assignment (Wednesday) Revision 2:

1.  check all of your topic sentences.  Do they give information about paragraph? Are they interesting?

2. Check supporting sentences.  Do they stick with your topic?  Do they support and persuade?

3.  Check concluding sentences.  Do they re-state the topic sentence?

4.  Do all paragraphs have 5-7 sentences?

5.Use My Tutor (click on the different headings)  and use the goals and ideas that it gives you.

6. Re-Submit!!!

7. E-mail me your old and new score!!!!

Assignment (Tuesday):  Locate (6) verbs in your essay.  Change each one with a verb from your Word Bank (My Access!).  Color these with red ink.

Add (2) persuasive words from your Word Bank.  Color them yellow.

Add (3) adverbs from the Word Bank.  Color them blue.

Add (4) adjectives from the Word Bank.  Color them green.

RE-SUBMIT your Essay!!


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